Our First Blog – Wow!

Hello all,


It’s Alex, and I am writing you from Brussels Belgium this morning. I am traveling for work completely unrelated to music unfortunately, but I wanted to update you on how excited we are for the launch of The Valley, this website, and all the new things you can expect to see within the next year. Lauren and I have been playing music for a LONG time, and just got it in our thick heads that we should be doing this together. She pushes me, and I push her, and we make for an awesome team.

So things to expect: This website will hopefully be finished by the time you are reading this. If not, I suck and you can all team together and hate me for the length of time. Also, Lauren and I will start working together to release YouTube Videos on my channel www.youtube.com/pepsifan303, as well as our own channel www.youtube.com/SoundsOfTheValley. Some live, some music video stuff, some originals, some covers!

We will also have a SoundCloud similar to our YouTube account. www.soundcloud.com/SoundsofTheValley, where we will post all of our youtube content as MP3s, new songs we’re writing, old favorites, and even mess around songs. Be sure to tune in regularly, because we will constantly be updating, and some will be available as free downloads, and some might just be there for our fans to listen to.


So in short,

Follow us, follow us, follow us. We’re very excited for this journey, and can’t wait to post, perform, record, and distribute some music for you all.


Love you all,



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